The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

to Seven we go

Alright alright, I've been denying being a nerd for the last couple of weeks, but these thoughts keep popping into my head. Thoughts like 'see you are a nerd,' 'that makes you a nerd,' 'wow nerdy,' and 'you should blog about that.'

I feel that this one story will illustrate in a myriad of ways just how nerdy I am. Count with me.

It is a Friday night and Mr. Sollywood and I spend it at his grandparents house. (1) After which we leave early not because they want us to but because I want to go shopping. (Not nerdy you say?, just insensitive- just wait for it.) I wanted to go to Ikea to get a bookcase. (2) But two might as well be three as we already own a bookcase which is full of books. To the point where each square is actually doubled with books. (3) See:

This is six feet by six feet. We got a second one just like it. Also the fact that I took a picture of it is (4). So we go into Ikea and because it is crazy busy I can't get one of those bed carts, so I am all impatient and find a regular shopping cart to put these three HUGH boxes on. I am wheeling it outside and the entire cart falls over as I exit the building and the heavy boxes fall to the ground so SO loudly along with the cart. The crowd of people there all turn and stare at me and my fallen things+ cart and I bow and say 'end scene.' (5) Which surprisingly someone gets, claps and says encore!!! Which made me so happy that I laughed and clapped my hands like a little kid. (6)Some of these might be more dorky than nerdy... BUT STILL.

On a side note as we were putting the boxes into the back of our car a girl walks by and says that she used to own a sunfire with red interior! (Our car, in case you were wondering, is a sunfire with red interior.) And she called it her little red rocket. hahah to which Mr. Sollywood shouts I call mine the big red! and for the next hour I thought about the interesting difference between the male use of 'big' and the female use of 'little' in their car names. (7)

End Scene

(new bookcase, and you should know all of the books from the case above are in storage still. These are all new in the last three months.)

Also I got two Rembrandt prints for Christmas. So cool!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What makes you a nerd?

Just so everyone knows (cause I know none of you are sure) Mr. and Mrs. Sollywood are nerds. This may come as a big shock but the fact that I wrote that in the third person should speak for itself. I also try to glorify Calvin and Hobbes by always slipping in a quote into my blogs. Calvin may have the best view on reality that I know of. Anyway, We like books. I enjoy spending time in the library on the weekend. I'm currently reading a book on addiction and I go to the comic book store every Wednesday because that's when the new issues come out. I try to use big words around under-educated people and then use poor grammar around others to see if they notice. This assumes me. I play angry birds on my iPhone. I listen to rock and roll from all era's and love string instruments like cello and violin. I also dig video game music - especially from bands like the NESkimo's and the Black Mages. My hair has been almost every colour it can be and I use to dress only in black. I have a tattoo on my arm which means "Majin". If you know the reference I need not elaborate. I enjoy identifying art from different time periods and I really don't give a crap about sports or Call of Duty games. I don't know a single football players name and I can't think of the name of any rap song off the top of my head but i can tell you Beethoven or Nirvana songs without a doubt. In my free time I just hope my wife is home so I can spend each night with her. I'll let her write her own nerd confession if she chooses. And anyone reading this, feel free to write down a creative and interesting response to what makes you a nerd in the comment section below. (reference, anyone?)

And you know what? I like being a nerd. Nerds get to be themselves and not worry about the mold of being cool. I'd rather be around nerds. Nerds are cool... and cool people are nerds... and that creates a paradox so disturbing the very fabric of the universe may be at risk of tearing and imploding in on itself! I better get my junk in order for when that happens. Gotta go

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Shinra Uniform

So I started working at Kelseys again... oh man. Months of job searching and nothing so I sucked up my pride and went back to Kelseys. It's not as bad as the one I worked at earlier this year which was really horrible. Working there made me want to throw kittens off a cliff. So its not THAT bad. The other day when I put that uniform back on I felt alot like when Cloud put the Shinra uniform back on. Remember that? Anyone? Final Fantasy 7? ... come on, it's like one of the best video games ever made! No one understands that reference, seriously? Fine.

I did have my first interview in a gazillion years last week. It's for a job as an intern and I would be involved in counselling for things like anger management, family issues and ADHD for people who can't afford someone with more education than I. I'm here for the lower class. It's what I do. It would be pretty sweet if I got it and I think the interview went well. In a week or 2 they were suppose to get back to me. I'm hoping the "or 2" part comes true since it's been a week now. Well I'll always have my job at Kelseys... oh man that sounds depressing... I'll always have my volunteer job at the Distress Center. Little better but still broke