The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

something minded

What I never understood

Religion can be a fairly hot topic. Socially (in North America and most of Europe at least) if you are new to a group it is fairly well established that you don’t talk about politics or religion. Too many views, too many emotions. It isn’t a topic for the work place, nor for any social gathering that is supposed to stay nicey-nice. But I am about to talk about religion so if you are easily offended better stop reading now. However if you are not easily offended I have a few questions I would like you to consider. And please let me know where you see a flaw in my logic. Point of clarification for those who do not know if they are atheist or agnostic:
a.       Atheist- one who believes there is no deity.
b.      Agnostic- one who is not committed to a belief that there is or is not a deity.  

My question requires some context. Often I hear a similar complaint/sentiment from those who are atheist or agnostic. Which is that: religious people force their children to believe a certain way and don’t allow them to search out other ideas or beliefs (be they different religions or the belief that there is no deity.) I completely agree with this statement. I think that many religiously minded people force their children to adhere to a certain set of beliefs- thus inevitably pushing them away from said belief.  Now I am not saying that all religious parents do this, I recognise that many religious parents introduce their own beliefs to their children and teach them about said religion hoping that the children will adopt the same beliefs. The question that I have comes from the response I get to the questions I pose next. I ask how they will raise their children. And usually it starts off in a vain that I agree with ‘I will teach my children about what I believe and what other people believe’ but then it usually ends with ‘and I’ll explain that if they want to chant to an imaginary being in the sky than that is their business.’ 

·         How is teaching your children that religion is ridiculous any different than teaching your children that religion is good? (Because people who have said this to me honestly feel that they are being open minded and possess a clearer intellect.)

Pushing your religion on a child or belittling an entire set of beliefs (and by extension, a people) seems wrong to me. And both seem close minded.  I want to raise my children with a full understanding of what I believe and why I believe it. Because my religion is important to me. And I want them to explore other religious views and atheist views. I will be biased because my own research has led me to my religion, BUT I feel it is important not to mock or belittle other beliefs and allow an open exchange of thoughts and ideas. Why is it that when people say they are Open Minded, what they are really saying is that they think you are Close Minded, and what they should be saying is that we are all just Differently Minded?
Atheists do it, religious people do it, agnostics do it, I do it too.  But why, why do we do it?

ps I really like thepianoguys. Go listen to them. Here i'll make it easy for you

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Countries Capital

School, work, and youth group aka life has been crazy as of late. It is hard for me to think or talk about anything else. And by hard I mean impossible. I have been trying to have thoughts unrelated to these three things for a number of weeks now but my brain is too stressed and focused to come up for air. This past week was reading week (for those who don’t know the term it refers to the week that students have off school to get a better handle on assignments- but for most students  it really means they go on vacation.) I did school work all week and Mr. Sollywood and I went to visit my best friend Doll Face and …hmmm he doesn’t have a nickname… I’ll call him Beatles for the weekend. You probably won’t recall, as I don’t think I posted about it but they were married in Jamaica last year. It was perfect. The picture of the four girls is at Doll Face's wedding, we are celebrating Movember and all those who fight cancer!

I have never been to see parliament or anything else for that matter in this great country of mine. And as a history major I must say                  1. I am embarrassed to admit that and         2. It was awesome!!!                 I cried at the war monument, strolled around parliament, sat for tea with Nelly McClung!! It was magical. And although it took all weekend by Sunday Doll Face and I were talking about things other than school, work and youth. It was exactly what I needed: a change of scene, good friends, and interesting conversation. I was able to regroup and come up for air! Think about other things, talk about other things. Bliss. Hahah Although I think that maybe she needs the same now because (I say busting with pride and excitement) Doll Face has her own little classroom for a bit!! I think it is a called an L.T. I should be a better friend and remember but seriously teachers and their jargon!  But she is sleeping, eating and breathing that world. So I extend the invitation to come over to my place and breath a little!