The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The thing about spiders

The thing about spiders.

    We live on the sixth floor of an apartment building in the downtown core of a large city. Which (wonderously) means there are very few bugs. In a word: Fantastic. Except when there are bugs because, seriously they are so creepy. Like the time there was a praying mantis on our refrigerator? What? And then the spiders. But first some back ground. Mr. Sollywood goes to school full time and works a couple of nights a week as a chef. When he is here (in our apartment) there is never a bug. But he leaves and I am by myself for the evening and spiders come out of the wood work. There actually isn't woodwork, our apartment isn't that cool. But for the last three weeks in a row I have been all ready for bed, sitting reading and I look up to see a spider spinning down from the ceiling directly over our bed.

The last two weeks I have killed them. Some of you are going tell me that killing insects is wrong. But here is my justification for doing so. The first time I met a ceiling spider I told him (i'd say or her but the spider being female creeps me out more for some reason.) I told him 'alright you can live outside, or you can live in the living room but you can't freaking live over my bed and try to get onto my bed you freaking spider. Also tell all of your spawn'. (I wanted to cover all future spider occurrences-  apparently I jinxed myself.) He continued to dangle near my head so I killed him. Next week same situation- killed him too. This week I am feeling bad, thinking maybe the first spider didn't have time to warn his evil spawn about being above my bed. So I grab the webb way above the spider and try to get him away from the bed. But he disappears!! onto my BED. And now I can never sleep again. Here is why: too many people have told me that you eat spiders in your sleep. Clearly if he is on your bed than you will eat him. A+B=C. I choose not to eat spiders knowingly. Also the picture below is, I feel, an accurate portrayal of my feelings of what spiders are really like.

** warning the picture below may be terrifying to all viewers.

This picture is from here For more information on the terrifying nature of spiders please refer to this blog.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pod Revolution!

Pod Revolution!

On the first day of school I arbitrarily sat down at a table. The classroom is set up so that each table seats four people and there are eight tables.  I thought to myself that I could change seats the next day, or any day if I wanted to. You know, meet new classmates (colleagues if you will), develop relationships, network or hey, see the Professor and my computer at the same. No. Not so. The seats at these random tables became the property of whoever sat in them on that first fateful day. No switchies, no take backs. The idea of sitting in one place every week has always baffled me. Why be so regimented? Why are humans such creatures of habit? Why do we cling to things so strongly that were chosen so arbitrarily. It isn’t like Sheldon’s spot or anything, I am pretty sure everyone just randomly sat down.  

On the first day of class these tables for some reason unbeknownst to me began to be called ‘pods.’ Strange, I thought.  They are just tables, what is a pod anyway? Here I came to understand was the reason for the name change. A pod is a small enclosed object that is used to protect whatever is inside. Therefore it is both inclusive and exclusive. A table is a place that people sit at and can move freely to and from, a pod is forever. No switchies, no take backs.

For many days I toyed with the idea of ‘stealing’ someone else’s seat (even though I disagree with the idea that the seats belong to anyone I still felt compelled to use such language- stealing. I’m brain washed too.) Pod Revolution! I cried. (Literally I was trying to sell this idea with my catchy…catch phrase to everyone around me) I tried to talk others into switching seats. ‘No’ came the response, horrified at my idea. I tried to talk entire pods into switching (perhaps, I thought, we could meet new people in groups). That idea was laughed at. How could I suggest such a ridiculous scheme? Blasphemy. One day I actually did ‘steal’ another person’s seat. For which my pod mate felt compelled to apologise on my behalf. Why did she feel the need to apologise for something I had done?

But today I rescind my cry for pod revolution and humbly and happily bow down to pod life. I tried to partner with someone outside of my pod (horrors) and found our working styles too difficult to overcome.  I work hard and fast, I am decisive, this person works more slowly and likes to weigh all options. Although I enjoyed the experience I find I work more effectively with my randomly selected pod mates. I have come to laugh with them and build relationships. Sure I would love to make more than three relationships, possibly future contacts in my course of study, but perhaps as a pod we can try to interact with other pods. Slowly and with caution. After all only on the first day of class can a random act like where we sit truly work out, everything else must be approached with the greatest degree of caution.  Ah the magic of that first day class.