The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Biggest Dork Alive or King of the Dorks

Do you ever have those moments when say to yourself “Wow I really am the biggest dork. I really didn't think that I was, but today has just proved it”? No, just me? Lucky me I guess. We've all had those moments when we make a mistake and shake our heads at how absent minded we are or how illogical our actions were. 
           Today though, ah today takes the cake.
I am a key holder where I work and tonight was my night to close. I get to work, the shift goes well and then I realise right at the very end that I have locked my keys in my car which
 A. means I can’t get home and
 B. means I can’t lock the building. 
That was the ‘oh crap I’m a dork’ moment. So I send all the staff home and call the manager, no answer. Great. So I call another key holder who (bless her darling, wonderful, sweet soul) gets out of bed, puts on regular clothes, picks up my husband so that I can get into my car and then drives back (as in she was already there today) to work to help me out of this pickle that I am in. Did I mention she is lovely? So she and Mr. Sollywood show up and as I am leaving the building Mr. Sollywood goes ‘hey where is your coat?’ And that is when I realised that I am indeed the biggest dork alive because I had completely forgotten that I had a coat and in it were of course my freaking keys. If you are going to mess up, and inconvenience everyone in your life, you should of course do it for no reason at all. Because that my friend is how you earn the title of Biggest Dork Alive. Or as someone on Web 2.0 calls us: King Dork. All Hail King of the Dorks. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Real Solly

Grandpa Solly

   The last couple of days have been tender and bitter sweet moments for our family. Our Grandfather has been in the hospital in palliative care, surrounded by family, trying to make his last moments with us sweet and gentle with some laughter. Just like he has tried to make our lives- just like he is really. We write this together so it might get confusing

 (Mrs) I have only known Gramps for 5 years and yet he has made me feel just as if I've always been his granddaughter, his sweetie (the wink is implied.) I have never known him as the giant 6'3ish man that he was. One of my favourite things about older gentlemen is the hunch they get. I always feel like they shrink up a bit so that they can look at you at your level and wink at you more effectively. (I seriously haven't encountered Gramps without getting a wink.) Even the nurses still find him charming. Every time he's been in the hospital the nurses have loved him. What a flirt.... do old men really flirt? I can't think of a better word though.

The thing that really gets me is that if he sees even a little of Gram in you he thinks you are the best, and tells you over and over that your husband is lucky to have a gal like you. Even though Mr. is his grandson. It never ceases to amaze me how much he really truly adores Gram. He is always mentioning how much he loves her, and doesn't deserve her. How much their lives together mean to him. Tonight there was a moment when he looked for her and when they locked eyes they each got teary, sensing the separation that is coming. And just looked love. It seems trite to put it into words. But Gramps and Gram are love birds still, only now they know what it really takes, they know how to make it last. A quote I have always loved I feel sums up their love perfectly

 "Love at first sight is easy to understand, it's when two people have been looking at each other for a life time that it becomes a miracle".

(Mr.) He always told his grandsons to find a girl like Grandma.
Gramps has lived a good, full life and during these last moments is able to have most of his large family be there with him. 3 children, 13 grandchild and 18 great-grand children. That's a lot of people. There is an ancient Greek philosopher (Plato I think... maybe Socrates...) spoke of a good death being one where you lay in bed surrounded by family during your final moments. Gramps has been able to have this. But more importantly, Gramps has had a good life. He will always be an example of being a good father, a good husband and a good person. I doubt that there's a person alive who doesn't like him! I constantly get people saying to me "I know your grandfather Sol, how's he doing? I remember when we....". Once I moved here, to his home town, the name Solomon connected me right to him (those from his generation at least.)

Gramps also let me watch rated R movies as a kid - American Ninja! Campy 80's awesomeness that probably wouldn't get higher than a PG rating by today's standards but still. Which one of us didn't look forward to watching American Ninja when visiting...

...I'm the only one who looked forward to that? Really??

Oh and by the way, Mrs. Sollywood and I have inherited the title of Solly. We were given permission a few years ago by Gramps himself. It is a title we love and will try to live up to in all its awesome glory.