The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suicide- A religious prospective.

I have found in my life that there are themes or events that seem to happen to me or around me more frequently than to others. Perhaps this is all in my head, maybe I just see the themes because I have an emotional connection to them. Either way there is something that you should all know.
I am about to be blunt- you've been warned. If you hold the view that those who commit suicide are selfish and awful people you are wrong. Please know this because at times I would like to scream it in your face. But as that would be rude and counter productive I will just calmly type it here. Let me also add that your opinion comes from a place that either lacks experience or compassion. However if you do hold this view, and choose to continue to, please keep it to yourself. You have NO IDEA how much it hurts and rips at the hearts of people who have experienced a loss due to suicide.
I offer this advise because many people want very much to be comforting, but are unaware of the damage that they do. Always it is the quiet listener who follows the promptings in their heart who helps to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. Never those who yell their opinions (however well intended) to those grieving.
I have personally experienced the great loss of someone who committed suicide. And through the grief and pain I learned to come to my Saviour for not just comfort and peace but for answers. (Just so you know sometimes the answers are the comfort and peace.) But here is what I have learned.

I believe the Lord will consider each case separately and judge the circumstances of each individual. I have sincerely sought direction from our Father in Heaven to help me understand. And I have come to know that these people have a place in the kingdom of our Father, and it is not one of darkness or despair, but one where they can receive comfort and happiness.

We do not know the extent to which the door is open for these particular people to grow and develop in righteousness until they possibly receive the blessings of exaltation. They committed a very serious sin, and some consequences of it may remain with them throughout eternity. Only our Father in Heaven knows the full answer to the questions our hearts ask regarding those who take their own lives.

But it is clear that hope exists. President Joseph F. Smith learned this important principle in vision he saw the work of salvation proceeding among the dead, and wrote:

“I beheld that the faithful elders of this dispensation, when they depart from mortal life, continue their labors in the preaching of the gospel of repentance and redemption, through the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God, among those who are in darkness and under the bondage of sin in the great world of the spirits of the dead.

“The dead who repent will be redeemed through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,

“And after they have paid the penalty of their transgressions, and are washed clean, shall receive a reward according to their works, for they are heirs of salvation.” (D&C 138:57–59; italics added.) The act of taking ones life does not alone determine our place in heaven. All of what occurs in our hearts, minds, and lives are taken into account.

I am grateful for the great plan of salvation our Father in Heaven has provided for us. It is a plan of great fairness and a plan of great love. Please know that God really is our Father and has such great love and therefore such great compassion for us.

As I think about the worry and agony of those whose loved one has taken his or her own life, I find deep comfort and faith in the Lord’s promise and blessing to us who remain in mortality: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27.)

Please know this; In individual events those who remain to mourn and grieve can turn to their Father in Heaven and may receive comfort and peace and ofttimes answers to their questions regarding the motives and eternal state of the souls of those they have lost. If you are not one of these people let it be known that you are not commanded to give your opinion, but rather to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. This will only be accomplished through quietly listening to 1. the person who is grieving and 2. to the prompting of the Holy Ghost.
My heart and prayers are with the Family of Chris Mitchell at this time. Rest in Peace Chris, I know that you will.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My argument against anti-immigration

So I've been interested in the whole Libya situation lately. When I read article online from various websites about it I also like to check out people comments. I do it on youtube also and there's alot of trolls out there. People turn into jerks when its anonymous. Anyway, I've noticed something common among the comments for stories about Libya. Its not just from these comments also. I've heard this argument from people in general and I find it abhorable. Here is a quote from a Yahoo user who sums up this view:

"Our forefathers faught and died to give us the lifestyle and freedom we enjoy today. Our generation is handing it away be letting immigrants change our laws and culture. Why do they leave their @#$% countries, then try to make ours like what they left?"
"Get rid of the idiot & all his family before they end up in Canada as refugees@ our expense !!"

It's the anti-immigrant argument. Sound familiar? Sometimes it's coupled with the "come to our country and learn our language or else" argument. It just chaps my hide a little. I've heard from both Americans and Canadians. Both countries that have their roots in immigration and multi-culturalism. Both countries also have also have a history of eugenics and cultural dominance that seem to contradict this but I think most of us recognize that as a mistake. (treatment of natives is the prime example but racism in general, also religious persecution) But these are things that I'm under the impression we (as north americans) feel is wrong and not part of our ideal so it's unfortunate to have happened. Call me naive if you will but I'm pretty sure that's one of the freedoms people have fought for.

Why do immigrants come here? Many reasons obviously but I'll generalize for a moment. Compared to many other countries, North America has a much higher standard of living. And I'm happy to live in Canada where I don't have to worry about obscene violence or even locking my doors at night. Imagine the relief that it would bring to escape a country of violence to a place that offers peace. I'm proud to be from a country that can claim that. It's not perfect but it's there. North America, as it's cultural and political system currently stands, was started by people who wanted a place could live freely and prosperously. So, it is a fallacious argument to use the motivations of the forefathers to claim anti-immigration. I call "ignotartio elenchi" on this one. (missing the point)

Let's look at the argument and ignore cultural origins for minute. Because you don't have to care about history to try to make that point. People who make this argument theoretically are saying they are okay with immigrants as long as they change who they are and act like the "rest of us". North America is a very individualistic society. But there is a surprising amount of conformity. I sometimes wonder if that's caused a kind of cultural cognitive dissonance. (Psychological tension created when an ideal doesn't match reality). Topic of another blog though... Lets do some circular logic now. Individualistic society telling people to be like them means they must be an individual and not be like them. IS YOUR BRAIN EXPLODING YET! Sounds like you are not being very north american if you are telling someone to be north american!

Here`s what it ultimately comes down to for me. People are people (Depeche Mode) no matter where they live. You can say we are all children of God or just say we are all the same species and genetically similar. Whatever works for you. But when you have the ability to offer something to help someone else (whether its opening a door to a building or a country) it is our civil, honourable and priviledge to do so. Anti-immigration arguments are essentially saying some people are not as good as other people. And nobody likes Hitler anymore. (except those neo-nazi weirdos)

Now, in all their 80`s glory - Depeche Mode!

I have to go to work now and can`t proof read this. Hope it makes sense!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sollywoods World News Segment

I don't know how often I'll do this, I'm fairly irregular when it comes to blogging anyway, but I want to do a weekly news segment. I figure weekly is do-able. I'm not even sure where I'm taking this. Let's see what happens:

- A man in San Antonio became a little upset at the price hike for the beefy crunch burrito. It was a 50% increase from 99 cents to $1.49, which really does suck. He ordered 7 by the way. But that's not his biggest problem. He reacted by shooting an employee with an air gun and later used an assualt rifle for his shootout with the police. They eventually tear gased him and won the day. I have a feeling he may also have had American flag boxers on since this would never happen in any other country in the world! (I apologize to any any civil and respectable American readers butyou know it's totally true!)

- News from Japan now. Radiation levels in the sea water surrounding Japan have been tested and it has been determined that it poses no threat to humans. Thank goodness only humans live in the ocean!

- News from Libya now. An American f-15 fighter jet has crash landed and the 2 passengers were rescued by rebel forces. It apparently wasn't shot down. Who knows. Those rebels are such nice guys. It's a good thing the west is now intervening so this whole conflict will be able to make a summer blockbuster movie in a few years. If Gaddafi wins then only independant film makers will want to touch it!

- Any of you get paid to babysit when you were younger? Well I bet you didn't get paid the way a 27 year old Missoula mother pays her babysitters. This woman has been charged with paying her sitters with perscription anti-anxiety and sleeping pills. What kind of baby sitter takes that for payment... or what kind of mom see's this type of babysitter as an acceptable person to watch her child? Sometimes I think eugenics may not have been such a bad idea...

Let's end with a video. If you've never seen the Onion news, well, you are just missing out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zombies - This is why they are fun

It seems to me that zombies have gained alot of popularity in the past 10 years. Maybe it was the remake of Dawn of the Dead that showed how horrifying these things can be and not the campy joke they were by the end of Night of the Living Dead 3. Whatever it is, I`m all for it! Here`s some basic education of zombies for those of you who may not be well informed. It would do you well to know this for the coming zombie apocalypse.

The past week has been full of zombie awesomeness. Chunks of my family spent several days north of here at a nice cottage where we played Zombies!!! - a sweet board game that allows you to kill zombies and screw over your fellow players with brain cramps and such. We also watched I am Legend (kinda fauz-zombie movie, same genre I feel)and Mrs. Sollywood sat through it all which impressed me. Then we watched the mini series The Walking Dead and it was awesome too. It took practically all the classic zombie movie cliches (unexplained zombie breakout, protagonist wakes up in empty hospital, lots of guts and humans that can`t be trusted, ect.) and made them fresh and somehow original. Making a cliche original... not easy to pull off. So today I went out and bought the first tpb (trade paper back for al you non-comic book nerds... so all of you) of The Walking Dead that the series is based off of. I haven`t got around to reading it yet since I had some Spiderman and Avengers that took priority. And I`m saving it for tonight. Anyways, there`s a few things that make zombies appealing on various levels. You have the superficial gore fans. Hahaha, that reminds me of my moms face during a particular gross scene in Walking Dead. Wish I had a camera. Absolute transfixed disgust without the ability to look away. HILARIOUS! Then theres the survival aspect. Stories of survival come in many forms and all are exciting and have been around since stories have been around. Hatchet was a good book about a boy surviving in northern Canada. And completely non-zombie but same idea. Surviving against the odds. There`s something about that idea that adds drama and excitement into whatever media we find it in and will continue to search for. Now there`s one deeper level to zombie stories that I find to be the main appeal. For me at least. There`s an interesting contrast that zombie movies can achieve greater than other genre`s that come to mind in this particular area - social commentary. Even good zombies movies are basically ridiculous in premise. But that complete insanity can be contrasted with a very dramatic and serious view of human behaviour. They show us just how messed up humans can be and also how brave and heroic we can be. A contrast within itself. I enjoy any form of media that can get you to ponder the nature of your humanity and can help you explore a range of emotion - positive or negative or both. A good zombie movie will get you to question and ponder the fabric of society. They also take an almost satirical approach to the fears that many have towards the future - chemical warfare. There`s all this hysteria for years now about crazy diseases from SARS to H1N1 and everything inbetween and it`s just making us all into a bunch of zombies. I also like Dawn of the Dead approach to consumerism and having the survivors in a mall surrounded by zombies. Oh and they give you plenty of gory, tongue in cheek excitement. And then there`s this - The Zombie Love Song!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Whenever I get lost I end up in Vaughan. All roads lead there. Except the ones I want obviously. But honestly every single time I see the sign "Welcome to Vaughan" I inwardly go "crap, not Vaughan." So today was no exception to the rule. We wanted to go to a store house and get some bulk food (sweet!!) and the place we wanted to go was apparently just 30 minutes away. But here is the thing: MAP QUEST SUCKS. Don't ever use it. The road Nearctic does not exist. The road Vulcan does however which was a sweet find in our lostness. (Mr. Sollywood says if you can name the Greek version of the Roman Vulcan you win an awesomeness prize!) The best part about being lost together is that both of us find it hilarious. Which is nice because there is nothing that you can do about being lost so just let it go...just enjoy it. The more lost we became the more amused we became.

Here is how we became lost: We took an exit but according to our mapquest directions this was supposed to be a collectors and it was not. So we get off the highway and turn around to get back on the first highway. It is here in the turn around that I notice this cute little shop next to a giant box store and I thought about how I like little businesses. Then we headed to Vaughan (Que "crap not Vaughan") and we turn around again and pull over for directions and We start driving again, some how we are five to seven minutes from where we want to be ??????????? And we drive past that little shop that I saw before when we turned around AN HOUR AGO. We didn't even know we were in the same city. How did that even happen?

And we get there and it is closed, they aren't open on Fridays. So we drive home which does in fact take us 30 minutes. Though it took us and hour and a half to get there.
Also just so you know Etobicoke smells like peas.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't even know to title this one

So the Wing Master was closed the other day... very sad. Broke my heart. And then a panzaroti (spelling?) sounded like a decent backup. So we go in and order and I ask how long. The guy says about 40 minutes. He's just got to close up, go pick up his kids from school and then he can go make it. I think, haha, he's playing with me here. Keep in mind I've already paid for it. But nope, he's serious. Who runs a business like this? Sometimes its hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning.

New story - On Saturday I have to write a test that will determine whether or not I get into grad school. I can only hope everyone else writes it poorly so I look better. It's going to be one of those tricky tests where I have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen.

And now for your enjoyment, I present to you - LASER CAT BOWLING

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

25 and Olde?

25 and olde?
Alright so here is the thing I just turned 25, I am so new at being 25 that the wii fit told me I was 24. But yesturday at work I was told that I was old. And guess what, you are too. Let me prove it to you. The conversation with a 17 year old from work went like this:
Girl: yo so last night I met this guy and i'm like totally thinking that we should be whellin
Me: Whelling?? What does that even mean?
Girl: no Whellin it means like before youre gf and bf and are just tryin it out to see if you want to date but you have make out and have sex
Me: Well obviously. So what did you and this guy do this weekend?
Girl: nothin we were just mossin
Me: ... mossin'? Oh, I got it, it is like you go slow because moss grows slow.
Girl. no it means chillin but this girl was chirpin me hardcore
Me: Chirping?
Girl: bad mouthin me but it was ok cause then the guy I was with did this sweet trick on his bike that was so gang related
Me: Gang related? What does that even mean?
Girl: like rad or awesome
Me: Wow you have the strangest vernacular.
Girl: what does that even mean vernacular

And herein is the difference between being olde and being young. (I left out her punctuation and grammar on purpose- it just felt right.)