The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

storks and other news.

People have them and usually like it
The test is probably never met with a calm feeling (I assume extremes yeses or noes are typical)
The best thing I heard about them is that 'babies are the best way to start people.' You always love babies, but not always people so it seems apt.
But all of those sisters of mine who were pregnant together before, are no longer pregnant!!! So many cute nieces and nephews!!!! Two of each in case anyone was wondering. I am so happy to be an auntie to such a sweet little crowd of cuties!! But I was able to be there for my twin sisters birth (sorry I didn't tell you I was a twin before. SURPRISE!?) BUT here is the thing.
Women are amazing. I am just so proud and amazed and have so much respect for them. Did you know where babies come from? Because I was told before but you don't really realise until you are there. and see it. Just wow. God is real. Just watch a birth and you will never doubt it again. Some random explosion did not cause people to evolve in such a way that baby of enormous size exits from women of ...not enormous size.
Do I seem a little shell shocked to anyone else? I just keep on repeating to myself 'amazing,' and 'wow' then I shake my head and start again 'amazing,' 'wow.'

In other news I dislike my job. And have decided that I should find a new one. and (eventually) that I want to have a PHD. Cause I'm that kinda girl. Also The Birth House is a good book. I love Canadian authors. Or in this case Authoresses. There is something about their use of nature that binds them altogether in a way that I just find fasinating and ...homey. I challenge you to find a Canadian writer who does not use nature as a major theme in their work. I just love it, I love them all. I love winters and wind. I love the idea that homes are that much more important because of the refuge they provide. And that other themes and characters are made manafest and more poignant through the use and (my understanding of ) Canadian weather. Even if their works are not set in Canada, nature is still more prevalent than in works by writers of other nationalities. (At least from whom I've read.) Remember my post about how nerdy I am?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Foreign Moments

You all know what a foreign moment is. It may go by various names but you all have them. It's when someone says something and you hear it a little wrong. Thus rendering your response a complete ad sequitar. Here are some classics:

1. Saren: hey, who is that girl, I've never seen her before
Mr. Sollywood: sausage...?
Tanner: what??? how is that even a response???

2. Saren and Tanner discussing going to Rogers Video...
Mr. Sollywood: you both know a guy named Roger?
Tanner: The video store you foreign!

3. Paul: I've been listening to alot of music lately that I would have kicked the crap out of myself for listening to a few years ago.
Mr. Sollywood: That's good. Eclectic is the best way to go
Paul: electric...?
Mr. Sollywood: no, ECLECTIC
Paul: ... guitar or music??

4. Tanner: I haven't had a frozen yogurt from a stand in a while.
Mr.Sollywood: Made of sand??? what kind of yogurt are you eating???!!

5. In East Side Mario's with Mr. Sollywood, Paul and Nate
Mr.Sollywood: I forget what veal is - is it baby cow or lamb?
Paul spells out C - O - W with his hands
Mr. Sollywood: moo??
Nate: Oh no, that was a foreign but it was right!

6. With the Purolator guy...
"what's your name?"
"is that N-E-I-L"
"No, I spell it N-E-A-L"
"no, N-E-A-L"
"no, E-A"
"is that short for Nelson?"
"nope, it's just Neal. Spell it however you want"

and then another Purolator guy...

"what's your name?"
"no, it's Neal"
"your name is Howard?"
"...fine, my name is Howard. Have a good day"

Feel free to add your own foreign moments in the comment section below

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aflockalypse... it's a CONSPIRACY!!!

Lots of mysterious dead birds... and fish... and a few more birds... thousands at a time... oh man.... across America... even in Europe, Asia and Australia! WHAT THE JUNK IS GOING ON??!!! Well, a little research and I discovered something very interesting... continue reading only if you care about TRUTH!!

There is a massive worldwide government conspiracy that is threatening to enslave all of humanity. Thousands of years of preparation by the Illuminati, who of course are in coalition with secret Arab societies and Mayan revivalists, in an attempt to gain complete and absolute control of all humanity by the year 2012 have been holding meetings in a secret Alaskan bunker. Their previous plans include fluoridation of our water supply, suppression of Area 51 (by the way, they have already completely decimated the aliens homeworld during the Cold War. That's the real reason for building all those big bombs), the assassination of both JFK and Lincoln, and also using religion to control the masses! They also crucified Jesus. Ya, these guys are hardcore, I know. But with the power of the internet (which they created and control) we can know the truth... but this may be my last blog. I fear my life may already be in danger as I type...

Diseases and global warming are all part of their plan to enslave us all! And frankly, if you don't believe TRUTH then you are just a dummy. They have already cloned many of us...

and why did they kill the birds - seriously, if you don't know by now you sir/madam, are a dummy.

(Actually, if you don't get the sarcastic/satirical nature of this blog about conspiracy theories then I may really have to think you are a dummy)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You know how bathrooms often have bugs in them? Growing up I NEVER once went into the shower without looking in the top corners for spiders. I grew up on a farm- lots of bugs. Now I look in the top corners for habit and the bottom corners because I saw the biggest millipede ever a couple of weeks ago. Spiders and millipedes are fairly common in the house if you live in the basement. Especially if your bathroom if carpeted. But today, aww today. Today I found (under the bath mat) a potato bug. Armadillidiidae is the technical name, or pill bug. But since when have potato bugs been found inside, in the middle of the winter?! Gross. Just GROSS!

Still gives me the heebygeebies.