The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes, you wake up and have to ask where you are

Our bed broke the other day. Deliver me from Swedish furniture. Now there's little wood shavings and a dip in the bed with an old air mattress holding it up. Deliver me from clever art. Oh well, nothing is static. Even the Mona lisa is falling apart.

Here's another haiku:

Watching white moon face
The stars never feel anger
blah blah blah the end

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

children 400, adults 15, me?

I have been thinking a great deal about laughter lately. How important it is to be happy and to let myself enjoy life to my fullest extent. Which anyone who knows me well, knows that is a lot. But for some reason I fall into self conscious funks where I don't show how much I enjoy something because people will think I'm strange. But as my birthday resolution (I find it more significant to resolve at the beginning of a new year for me, vs for everyone.) I am going to enjoy life and all its little laugh inducing moments. Which I think will be easy because Mr. Sollywood makes those moments perpetually. These pictures, for example, are of our fifth date, I laughed so much and had such a great time, I wonder if the impassible pass would be impassible in winter, because it wasn't in summer? Maybe we'll go again.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Worker bee's can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

Something about a nice warm Haiku that makes the arm hair of my soul stand on end... or maybe it's just the hot chocolate....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.I know that every couple claims “we were made for each other,” and perhaps every good couple is. And it really doesn’t resound with the power I want to convey when I add my voice to the millions of others... but... we were made for each other. Mr. Sollywood had my favourite song on his ipod on our first date. Which doesn’t sound like much but my favourite song is Pachabel’s Canon in D, he even had a rock version (can you say ‘had me at pachabelrock’?) Music has always been important in our lives, and to find someone who feels that passion, and that need for expression (either in making it, or finding that song that describes the feelings that otherwise won’t come out) is perfection itself.

I have never met a person who so desperately needed to find a girl to love him just as he is, and let him be just as he is. And I know that he loves me just as I am; anti-molly tendencies and all. I mean who else would have wanted a black and white, twenties wedding with top hats and canes? (Shout out to Sollymom and Sollydad for helping that come about.) Or have a Queen song as the first dance? (it is in the list in the player below; see I Want to Break Free)Just the Sollywoods, I am fairly certain. Separately, and now together we have always been labelled as ‘different, strange, odd, or unique.’ It is good to know I’m not alone in it anymore; having a partner in crime is much more fun!
Most of these things are fairly superficial in some ways. It is hard to pin it down in words the deeper things. It isn’t often that I am public with my emotions, but sometimes you have to be to show gratitude. Mr. Sollywood is the best man I’ve ever known. He is kind, and calm, and never judges, he is a man without guile. This month is full of lovey things, eightmonthaversary, Valentines Day, his birthday, mine, and so I thought I would get all that emo out in one post. I hate being sentimental in public. But like I said, you gotta show gratitude. So ... I love you Mr. Sollywood! And thank you Father.
A little off topic (well this falls under the ‘you are both so ‘different’ label’.) Mr. Sollywood and I are in the interview process to teach English in Korea, second stage is done for both, if we are accepted, we can stay together!!! (Who knew married people wanted to live together?) And we will leave in August!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

un?Equal Portions

I am home alone, again. Mr Sollywood is working the third 8 hour evening shift in a row and I am home alone, all missing him, and lonely. I should not be the one complaining, Mr Sollywood is working hard at a job he hates so that he and I can finish university. (it is worth it right?) Anyway, so he works hard and almost never complains. Everyone complains sometimes, but trust me he does not use his full share of complaining power, not even a tenth. For those of you who are worried and have suddenly had the thought ‘oh no, there is complaining power just floating around out there UNUSED,’ rest assured it is used. I use it. I use his share, and my share and probably somebody else’s share by the sounds of this post!

Back to my loneliness though- it isn’t like I don’t have things to occupy my time (did you note the word ‘university ‘earlier? It is synonymous with homework or more precisely, massive amounts of homework). I have just reached my capacity for the night and there is still another hour til The Return of Mr Sollywood.

Oh and did I mention that for some reason only known to the water god Neptune, our water wasn’t working today. Presently we live in a first world country, with lights that always turn on when you flick the switch, and water that always comes out clean and drinkable from the tap. Except today. Perhaps because it is January 30th? Maybe that has some sort of significance, (ok I put Neptune for Mr. Sollywood, I tend to think it was Lud) Or perhaps Neptune/Lud just thought it would be funny. Jerks. So yup, no water.