The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Muffle This!

I am driving Mr. Sollywood to school today after eating junk food for lunch (that's right we are adults) and revelling in the youthful 'who even gives a care-ness' of it all. And the big red goes 'rrrrrrrr...rrrooaaar' and we look at each other with our 'on no' faces now securely fastened to our skulls. The big red is our car. This is the second time he has made this terrible lionesk noise and the last time was expensive. So the 'who even gives a care' moment is gone and reality rushes back in all of its expensive glory- may I just say that being an adult sucks.
I drop Mr. Sollywood off and turn the corner and I feel the car get lighter, and I hear the small clunk that fills you with dread. And there, in my rearview mirror is our beloved muffler laying all lonely and lost in the middle of the road. So I think to myself
"What good is a muffler really? Are they that important? Should I just wave goodbye and say so long or should I go and get the lost muffler and take him home with me?
I pulled a Uey or U-turn and put the poor lost muffler in the trunk and there he sits this very minute because I don't know what Mr. Sollywood wants to do about it. My vote is to learn how to fix it myself and get all oil stained and gross doing it!!! But Mr. Sollywood will probably just want to call a mechanic and get them to deal with it quickly. Mr. Practical.
So that is my rant, End Scene.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

UFO's are really just human tourists visiting us from a distance future. All hail the Dairy Queen!

Ever wonder who is posting here?

Anyway, Andy Warhol was wrong. In the future, people won't be famous for 15 minutes. Instead, everyone will just sit next to someone famous for 15 minutes. I have finally met the Dairy Queen. I wanted a blizzard from her. And an orange Julius. I say "I'll have a medium orange Julius and medium banana cream pie blizzard please." She replies "what kind of orange Julius?"... please...

"what size?"

...medium please...

"and a banana split?", and banana cream pie blizzard...

"large?", medium please...

All hail the Dairy Queen!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's to late to Apologise

I am born and bred Canadian, I love this country and what it represents. I cry each and every time I sing the National Anthem, I study this nations history at University (history major), I read the works of its authors and poets, watch the films of its directors and actors and laugh at its comedians. For many Canadians being patriotic means being anti-American, but I disagree. And I have to admit, I love their founding fathers. The standards or those men, the expectations, and vision for their country were beautiful, and although Americans have departed from them in many ways, I can't allow this to taint my love of the idea of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,' or the honour code these men held themselves accountable to. (Yes I am aware of the clips slightly satirical nature.)
Maybe this (see below) only strikes you if you have the back ground knowledge on the founding father that I do, but hopefully not.