The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Monday, December 13, 2010

What makes you a nerd?

Just so everyone knows (cause I know none of you are sure) Mr. and Mrs. Sollywood are nerds. This may come as a big shock but the fact that I wrote that in the third person should speak for itself. I also try to glorify Calvin and Hobbes by always slipping in a quote into my blogs. Calvin may have the best view on reality that I know of. Anyway, We like books. I enjoy spending time in the library on the weekend. I'm currently reading a book on addiction and I go to the comic book store every Wednesday because that's when the new issues come out. I try to use big words around under-educated people and then use poor grammar around others to see if they notice. This assumes me. I play angry birds on my iPhone. I listen to rock and roll from all era's and love string instruments like cello and violin. I also dig video game music - especially from bands like the NESkimo's and the Black Mages. My hair has been almost every colour it can be and I use to dress only in black. I have a tattoo on my arm which means "Majin". If you know the reference I need not elaborate. I enjoy identifying art from different time periods and I really don't give a crap about sports or Call of Duty games. I don't know a single football players name and I can't think of the name of any rap song off the top of my head but i can tell you Beethoven or Nirvana songs without a doubt. In my free time I just hope my wife is home so I can spend each night with her. I'll let her write her own nerd confession if she chooses. And anyone reading this, feel free to write down a creative and interesting response to what makes you a nerd in the comment section below. (reference, anyone?)

And you know what? I like being a nerd. Nerds get to be themselves and not worry about the mold of being cool. I'd rather be around nerds. Nerds are cool... and cool people are nerds... and that creates a paradox so disturbing the very fabric of the universe may be at risk of tearing and imploding in on itself! I better get my junk in order for when that happens. Gotta go

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