The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Saturday, August 21, 2010


When I get hungry – and I mean hungry – there are only five words that can satisfy me: All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. They’re like libraries of food, but instead of late fees, they’ve got soft-serve. I hit up the local buffets at least once a month, sometimes more depending on how business is going. It really breaks up my normal routine of soup, soup, tuna, soup, microwave pasta, tuna-soup casserole.

Most people think you’ve got to eat meat to fill up at buffets. No way, suckers. It’s all about the sauces. Think about it: your body is mostly made up of fluid. Blood, water, guts. It’s all liquid. So does it make sense to shove a whole bunch of solids down your gullet? Think again. You want to stock up on the sauces because they’ll keep you full the longest. Go for a big old glass of Alfredo sauce and you won’t eat for weeks. Chinese buffets are great for this, too. Kung pao might be spicy, but you drink enough of it and you won’t even be able to think about eating.

Friday, August 20, 2010

permanently transient

We moved. Again. Because we are up there on the 'Most Transient People' list. In the 14 months we have been married we have moved 4 times (if you count the move into our first place together- which was a big deal, so I do.) It was such a fast crazy move that we haven't even had a chance to tell a lot of people about the move. SO if you read this and don't have our new contact information email us and we can send it to you. and Sorry if you are the 'last to know everything.'
I think my transience has worn off on Mr. Sollywood because in the last 3 years I have lived in 7 places. But I am looking forward to a full year in Korea. Then (fingers crossed) a full year or two!! wherever Mr. Sollywood goes to graduate school then GASP a real full time possibly for the rest of our life house. Permanency seems like a strange foreign concept. More foreign than Korea and more foreign than foreign moments. NO SCOTT JACKSON.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday and today were interesting days. We are house sitting for Mr. Sollywood's sister and brother-in-law for the summer and unexpectedly they are coming home two weeks early. Not a big deal really, just means we have to de-cat-ify the house (he is major allergic) and move all of our stuff in two days. and it means for my last week of work I will need to 1. commute 1 hour each way for a 4hour shift everyday next week or 2. find a place to stay for the week. neither option is terribly hard. nor terrible good. But yesterday I got a full time job at this laundry place which I worked at a number of summers a year and loved! So excited, and today I went to work to find that it had burned down in the night. If we had gone to Korea at the original dates coming home early and having/not having a job would have worked out perfectly.
burninating the country, burninating the peasants and their thatched roof cottages!!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Underwear day

Today is the day filled with underwear.
'underpants go under your pants'.
Today Mr. Sollywood pulled a pair of my underwear out of his suit pocket during Sunday School. And of course they were lacy. Then when we got home all of my bras were strewn about on the living room floor. All of my bras (except the one I was currently wearing.) WHAT THE HECK! WHY are my underthings on display for the world to see?!?!?! and HOW did they get there to be seen? I might have an answer for that last one. But if anyone knows why the world is culminating against me and my underwear please, let me know.
Last week my older sister gave me a pair of underwear which were new and were purchased a size too small by mistake. So I inherited them. But as we walked from her house to ours I did not want to be seen with underwear in my hand (little did I know that much worse would be in store) and I asked Mr. Sollywood to put them in his suit pocket. Then when we got home, we forgot about them.
Yesterday we did laundry and I sorted it all on the bed this morning to be put away after church. And our cat apparently thinks bras are great and calmly brought each one downstairs and left them in the living room, for us to happen on when we got home.
And there you have it. Underpants (should) go under your pants.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the news of it all

A complete list of things that are new
We got accepted to the school in Korea, now to get the work visa.
Bev is moving to my brother's house, sad about that.
Mr. Sollywood's sister just had a beautiful baby girl! Lucy is beeyewteafull!
His sister and my twin sister are expecting their first babies. His sister is expecting her second!
I got new shoes which make me feel cool, like I just uploaded something.
We just got back from a road trip to Palmyra, oh chill and grill yum yum.
Mr. Sollywood immediately picks up foreign accents (not new but new to me.)
The cherry tomatoes in our garden are ripe for eating, and the hot peppers are hot!
Technically the toilet seat is new. (sorry but I said complete)
oh for all those who have inquired about Abby/Fieldin
The night we brought she/he home it left in the middle of the night and despite searching and calling (yeah cause it would totally respond to two different and totally new names) the cat did not return. We have been putting food out which is mysteriously eaten each night, but the jury is out on just exactly what is eating it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

when life gives you a lemon, wing it right back and add some lemons of your own!"

I've locked my keys in my car several times. Who hasn't? Don't lie now cause I know you're thinking "not me!". One of the first times I ever spent any time with Mrs. Sollywood was in the University parking lot trying to jimmy my door open with an old wire hanger to get my forbidden keys. Right there on the passenger seat... mocking me... and I'm thinking why should I have to work for everything? It's like saying I don't deserve it! So on Sunday I did it again. Church parking lot, hot sun, heavy suit and keys on the passenger seat. I've grown this nasty habit of locking the door everytime I close it. So really, this was the fault of psychopaths and desperate car thieves. Meanwhile, my CAA membership has expired and everyones cell phone keeps dying when we call for help. Not mention those who ignores the call when coming from the church because of caller ID saying Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The copies of the Book of Mormon are free people! Just take'em. So we've got a crowd not, and a race to see who can break in first. I have given up seeing as my hanger was flimsey and just couldn't grasp the lock hard enough. We've got wedges and different hanger types going and finally a call to CAA but it's not for another hour so it's more like a time limit for the race. And the award goes to.... Brother Altamarano! I must have butchered the spelling... please forgive me, thank you for cracking into my car. Special thanks to Brother Lipick (spelling??) who lost time going home to get more tools. I could have broken in myself but I thought these guys needed the experience. What did you say? That contradicts something I said earlier? That was just a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sollywood was having a hard time spitting cherry pits very far.

Oh, and then New Super Mario Brothers all afternoon at Christians. Good times. I wish I was sitting in a more comfortable place right now.