The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Days Are Just Packed

The days are just packed. 
Spring semester started today and my placement at the forensic unit starts tomorrow. This is why the days are just packed. Mondays I go to class from 9-4 and then go to work from 4:30 to midnight. Then I get up at 7 from Tuesday to Friday and go to the Hospital from 9-5. Wednesday nights I have youth activities, Saturday nights working 430 to 1am and early morning meetings before church on Sunday. In between I have to do my homework for the heavy work load they decided to give. And my professor, who is a grandmother - reads comics/graphic novels and loves the Walking Dead and we talked about Animal Man during class.

On top of it all I still have like 3 seasons of Dexter to get through plus the regular shows - which are almost over for the summer. I had hoped to re-watch Lost at some point but not at this rate. Side note - Fringe was given one more final season! So that's pretty awesome because everyone and their cat should be watching it. It's sci-fi awesomeness from the guys who did Lost and Once Upon a Time. There's also a show that we found that only plays on youtube every Tuesday called The Guild. It a hilarious show about a group socially inept people who are addicted to online gaming. There's 4 full seasons and a few episodes of a 5th and each episode is only like 10 minutes. Entire seasons are the same as watching a movie. And in seasons 3... Will Weaton plays the bad guy. And Howard Wallowitz even makes an appearance... but not in character, just the actor. Sad face. 

So while I am looking forward to working with doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses on the multidisciplinary team I'll be on (no reason to be intimidated) and the awesome and crazy stories I'll hear from the inmates... patients... clients... I don't know what to call them yet and I'm at the forefront of the discipline that defines political correctness...

...The days are just packed. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Wing Master

This is the Wing Master. This is where you will find the greatest wings you will ever have. This is also me promoting him because he (Tre) has been known to give me free wings which I very much appreciate. We recently convinced him to put his amazing apple thai wings back on the menu because it was a sin to remove them. Today I also had jalapeno ranch and hail caesar bacon wings. So good!

You don't go here for junk like mild or medium. That's just boring. You go here for the biggest, craziest wings. Beware of the Blackenstien wings or the trick or treat. They are maliciously not graded for heat and you might as well suck on pepper spray. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Seinfeld reference... anyone?)

Seriously though. Go to Brantford Ontario, find the Wing master, order apple thai, hawaiian punch, sweet lava, raspberry jalapeno, bacon blue cheese, gummy bear, french toast or some of the other hundreds of flavours he has.

Screw Wild Wing. Seriously. Waste of my money and yours. I'm embarrassed for all who eat there.

... wings up is still pretty good but only is you can't make it Brantford. Tre didn't even put me up to this. I just had his wings and thought I would start raving online about the awesomeness.

Oh and there is suicide poutine. Blasted hot gravy sauce with cheese on fries. My blood is thickening with deliciousness just thinking about it. And why is spellcheck trying to tell me poutine is not a real word???? Come to Canada freakin blogger!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Mario a capella.

So I'm done with university for 2 weeks now. I have no assignments or readings to do so procrastinating is much more enjoyable. Think of your most pleasant dream, multiply that feeling tenfold, all main-lining through your Cortex in a few seconds. It's really quite something. I've been sitting here for several hours listening to music. It's wonderful the things you can find on youtube. It's like a good detective movie. Check this out. A Cappella Super Mario Brothers

I was also thinking about putting up another Blog of Stuff I Make but all I did today was give tuna with chillis to Bev. She goes from sleep to insane the second the can opens. I was also thinking about a new recipe but have not yet tried it. That's the thing about scientific inquiry -- not every experiment is a success. But I hold high hopes for the parmesan ice cream.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

you know those sleepy eyes that burn?

Mr. Sollywood often works til one or two in the morning and I try very hard to stay up for him, but never make it. (read- am a big wuss and fall asleep around 10:30-11:00.) Usually when he comes in he gives me a kiss and I give him one back (he claims, I never have a recollection of this in the morning.) This morning I remembered feeling so disoriented when he gave me a kiss. I remember trying hard to understand why a strange face was in front of what I assumed was my face, but I was too tired to make any sense of who I was never mind what was going on around me. I felt panicked and was trying to understand. So I was all impressed with myself this morning that I remembered all of this and was bragging to Mr. Sollywood about how I was awake enough to feel disoriented. Where upon he started to laugh and asked if I remembered what I had said. Apparently it went like this;

Mr. Sollywood leans in for a kiss
I pull back and blink rapidly
and say (in a panicked voice) "I can't see through my eyes"
promptly fall back asleep

Guess I shouldn't be so braggy in the morning, when I am so ridiculous at night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuff I make - Yogurt

Here's what you need to make your own yogurt... YOGURT. Seriously, I'm going to tell you how to make yogurt from yogurt. I'm amazing.

- yogurt with active bacteria cultures. Plain and flavourless
- milk
- double boiler set up
- sterile spoon
- thermometer

- Sterilize your spoons you filthy person. You don't want strange new bacteria introduced to yogurt enzymes
- Double boiler - one pot with water in it, boiling, and another pot on top with nothing in it. But you knew that right? Otherwise get out of the kitchen.
- Put as much milk as you want in the pot. The empty one. I shouldn't have to spell it out for you but I'm spelling everything else out so whatever
- Heat the milk up to 185 degrees. This will screw with the lactose in the milk and make it vulnerable to invasion by the active cultures in the yogurt
- Cool milk down to 110 degrees. If you don't want to wait long you can put it in an ice bath. Leave it in the pot though, stupid!
- at 110 degrees put 2-3 table spoons of yogurt and give it a good stir with the sterile spoon.
- Put it off heat, maybe on a heating pad or whatever so residual heat doesn't burn anything but I don't care, it's your kitchen.
- Cover it with a dish towel, bath towel, doesn't matter, just cover it for 7 HOURS. That's right. You gotta plan your day around a pot of freaking yogurt!
- In 7 hours give it a good stir. There will be chunks, maybe even a greenish goo. That's okay. Stir that crap smooth and put it in the back of your fridge overnight.
- Eat your stupid yogurt now. It's good for you, no artificle additives but it might be a little thinner than you're use to. Store bought yogurt uses junk like pectin to thicken it.
- Add berries and granola. Its yummy

 Don't use a wooden spoon like in this picture. I know better than the internet.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In August we went for a week long visit to a cottage of epic size (20 people slept there- that is mammoth.) And it was awesome!! The thing about the cottage is that bad bed plus not being what you'd call 'fit' people our necks and arms and backs were mighty sore after one day of tubing and two nights of sleeping. Thus naturally this insued:

Lots of pushing at knots.

It was loads of fun- we went tubing, where in I was run over by the opposing tube. But don't worry I got them back via kicking them in the head later. We jumped on the water trampoline and bounced and pushed one another off. And what is cottaging with out eating a unreasonable amount of junk food which of course included smores with mint areo bars. so so good.