The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stuff I Make - pseudo-asian thingy

Welcome to another episode of Stuff I Make. Today we are making pseudo-asian thingy. It's pretty freakin awesome. I don't have a picture though...

Get yourself some: chow mein noodles.
                             oyster sauce
                             peppers and onions
                             sesame oil and real oil. The good stuff. Or the vegetable. I don't care.
                             chicken - its optional but seriously get yourself some chicken
                             peanut sauce - only if you're taking the chicken route and you totally should
                             sesame seeds and pineapple - also optional. You don't really have to do any of this. It's all optional

-Cut those pepper and onions up any way you like'em. I like julianne strips (long, thin, 45 degree bias) even though I bet I spelt it wrong.
-Fry'em up in a little bit of sesame oil. Add some chilli's if you want a bit of spice. You can do that with anything though
-Boil the noodles. These noodles seriously take like one minute. Easy
-Start frying up those cooked noodles. Use regular oil. You have enough sesame flavour in the peppers. It helps to have a wok for this but I don't so it doesn't matter. Mix in oyster sauce as they're cooking. Keep'em moving so they don't burn to then pan. Coat evenly.
-Add your peppers and onions and you're done. Enjoy!


What about the rest of the ingredients? You can stop there if you're cheap cause it's a very cost effective meal without chicken. But peanut chicken is just too good to leave out.
-Cook the chicken any way you want. baked, fried, whatever. Just cook it. Once its cooked put it in a pot with the peanut sauce. I like the PC brand but if you wanna make it from scratch go look it up yourself
-leave the chicken in the pot on low for over an hour. You don't have to but it carmelizes the sauce and it's better than way. Or you can always just sauce and serve. Whatever.
-You put that chicken on the noodles and eat up. You just doubled the cost of the meal now
-Feeling adventurous still?
-Cut up the pineapple into pretty thin slices. Get out your grill and cook up those suckers! Use a hot grill so you get nice black grill marks. It's not beef so don't worry about the HCA's (heterocyclic acids) causing problems with your prostate
-Grilling pineapple carmelizes the sugars. Now add more sugar. and a touch of salt. Seriously. Its good stuff. If you're a drunk add some rum too but I put white grape juice on it. Let it sit several hours to mix all the wonderful sugars you just added.
-put your pineapple on the side of the dish giving it some nice yellow colour, sprinkle on some sesame seeds cause you care about presentation

It's good stuff

Monday, January 9, 2012

Festivus, marijuana and Nightwish

It has been some time, hasn't it? I have no excuse. I can complain about being busy. But I always find time to sit here at the computer on a regular basis. I'm usually watching Fringe though. Its basically awesome so go watch it. Think X-Files on crack.

So I worked alot during the Christmas break. I`ve been contemplating about blogging about how disgusting it is in a kitchen and scaring everyone away from eating out but instead that`s all I`ll say and you can use your imagination. I worked Christmas eve, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. The story goes like this. I volunteer to work Christmas eve with the promise of getting News years eve off. Didn`t happen. They also never get back to me when I request a raise. So I spoke to my manager about these disappointments. The conversation began like this: "Are you familiar with the holiday Festivus?"
-It's an alternative holiday to Christmas this time of year. It involves a metal pole, feats of strength and airing of grievances. It's for the rest of us".
Well I have some grievances to air with you...

Unfortunetly he didn't get it my reference. Oh well. Here's a link in case you don't get it either.

Our elevator always reeks of marijuana and B.O. or maybe the B.O. is part of the skunky weed. Can't be sure without further particulate analysis.

And finally a new Nightwish album has come out. Its been like 6 years. Very awesome. Check it out. Here's a sample