The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

letter to B

A letter to my body.

I just wanted to apologise for all those bad things I do to you.
I am sorry for not always brushing your teeth for the full two minutes because I don't leave enough time because I always choose sleep.
I am sorry for complaining about small breasts as a tween and complaining about larger ones now.
I am sorry that I am at my ideal weight but still feel a little fat and pinch at you when no one is looking.
I am sorry that I don't ever exercise and then complain that you aren't as strong as you once were, and then even complain that you are sore and achy. My fault- not yours.
I regret starting to crack your joints, fingers, toes, neck, back and sometimes ankles- that probably isn't that good for you.
Also really sorry that I never give you breakfast.
Oh and I feel bad about the lack of greens in your diet but I have been trying over the last year, have you noticed?
I am pretty happy with the height you are- Mr. Sollywood likes it too.
And thanks for having small feet despite your height. I am good with your lack of balance- totally worth it.
I will try harder to be more considerate of you in the future, but can I start after we move tomorrow? Cause I could really use your help there.
Sincerely Mrs. Sollywood.

I think that I need to be more conscious of my body but in a health promoting way, a Dove soap kind of a way. I have spent my life not really thinking about bodies because I was blessed with the right shape for this period of history. But I see others stressing and having such negative views of themselves. Also as I age I become more aware. Is it lame to say I have a goal for this new period of our lives? I am going to continue to have a good body image and to take care of my body but only to promote health.

The Last Final One

I have noticed in our few short years of marriage that we move a lot. Fourth time in two years... transient much? I don't mind moving, I don't mind packing and hauling and reassembling all of our furniture and most of our belongings. The part that I hate is the part that I am on now. All those loose ends; the calender and that random drawer full of things that you need but are just a jumble of junk. aka the junk drawer, the book you are currently reading, the last two glasses you kept out so that you could have a drink the week or so before you moved. (I am one of those people you want to help you pack because I am efficient and get it all done way in advance.) But I always am still up way late the night before procrastinating the last two boxes. The 'do I pack ____ now or in the morning?' boxes.
Here is the deal I will make with anyone who knows me personally. I will pack your entire house if you will pack my last two boxes. Honest. The last time we packed up most of our belongs they went into storage for a year and one of the nice guys who helped us moved said that he had never moved someone who was so organised. All our things were packed, labeled what room they go into and what was inside, AND all of the boxes were moved into the room closest to the door. He was appreciative, as the last person he helped move had a load of laundry IN the washing machine he helped haul up the stairs and into the truck. (Sorry if that was you and I just smash talked you.) So... do we have a deal or what? Last two boxes... anyone?

PS I will make you banana bread if you can tell me where/who/what the post title is from.