The Beginning...

The Beginning...

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Shinra Uniform

So I started working at Kelseys again... oh man. Months of job searching and nothing so I sucked up my pride and went back to Kelseys. It's not as bad as the one I worked at earlier this year which was really horrible. Working there made me want to throw kittens off a cliff. So its not THAT bad. The other day when I put that uniform back on I felt alot like when Cloud put the Shinra uniform back on. Remember that? Anyone? Final Fantasy 7? ... come on, it's like one of the best video games ever made! No one understands that reference, seriously? Fine.

I did have my first interview in a gazillion years last week. It's for a job as an intern and I would be involved in counselling for things like anger management, family issues and ADHD for people who can't afford someone with more education than I. I'm here for the lower class. It's what I do. It would be pretty sweet if I got it and I think the interview went well. In a week or 2 they were suppose to get back to me. I'm hoping the "or 2" part comes true since it's been a week now. Well I'll always have my job at Kelseys... oh man that sounds depressing... I'll always have my volunteer job at the Distress Center. Little better but still broke



    look at 8:00 mark in this video